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ZeoDeo – Natural Zeolite Cat Litter Pellets for dual-layer cat litter systems Product That Divided Life Into “Before” And “After” Benefits: Odor-free for up to 60 days Zeolite pellets absorb the smell of cat urine and a cat’s solid “business” and have a lasting effect for approximately 30-60 days.* Cleanliness in the house Natural Zeolite Cat Litter Pellets have the same diameter and approximately the same length, they do not crumble, and they do not get stuck in the cat’s paws. These qualities will minimize the chances for your cat to throw the Pellets out of the cat litter and spread them around the apartment. Incredibly easy care All you have to do is remove the cat’s solid “business” from the tray, change the pellets once a month and change the absorbent pad each 4-7 days (depends on the pet size). There is no need to remove cat urine and clean up the litter that the cat has scattered around the house. Pellets do not absorb urine (liquid) and allow it to pass through themselves into the bottom layer, where the underpad will absorb it. Pellets absorb only the evaporation of cat urine from the atmosphere. The pellets’ material has microscopic pores that can selectively absorb and retain ammonia molecules from the atmosphere. Pellets also dry out the cat’s solid “business” and absorb fumes. 1 cm2 of ZeoDeo pellets have up to 700-800 m2 of micropore surface *On the assumption that the cat’s weight is 8 kg. The life of the pellet can be affected by: the size of the pet, its health, the cat’s diet and air humidity. The quality of the superabsorbent pad, used in the litter box bottom layer, plays an important role.

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